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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Me and Ben and Andrew

Hey. This blog was Ben's idea, he's the guy who (no longer) has long hair in the picture above this post. That's us when we used to play in a drone doom band called Diplomacht back in 2007. I was much fatter then and he was much hairier.

Ben came to me recently and told me he wanted to do a blog about the stuff he and I always talk about: music and movies. I guess books too, really whatever comes to mind. We wanted our friend Andrew to blog with us, too, because he knows more about music than either of us do. So here we are. Why read our blog as opposed to other people's music blogs? Well for starters, I thought the last Animal Collective album sucked. Like who are they all of a sudden, the Beach Boys? Grizzly Bear (who also suck)? Seriously how many blogs have you read that thought that album sucked? I'm willing to wager just this one. Stay tuned and you'll be able to hear all kinds of CRAZY opinions like that.

So what kind of stuff are we going to talk about? Well to start things off I guess I could tell you my favorite albums of 2009 (yeah let's get things started with a cliche):

Cobalt - Gin
Best metal album of 2009 for sure. Literary Black War Metal with vocals from a real-live killing machine (he put in his vocals during a two week leave from his job oppressing people in Iraq for the U.S. Government!!!) The concepts/lyrics are incredible but the music, all a product of one guy who plays all of the instruments, takes you places you didn't even know you wanted to go. On the song "Stomach" he goes into this weird dance-punk drum pattern with the open hi-hat that in the early 90s would have gotten you murdered in the black metal scene. Awesome.

Jeffrey Lewis & the Junkyard - Em Are I
Jeffrey Lewis has always been a great songwriter, but his albums have always been awash in mediocre songs that distract you from the really great ones. Finally he has an album that is perfect from first track to last.

Bloody Beetroots - Romborama
I have really championed this album all year, and would bring it to pretty much every party I would go to (I'm a dick who likes to change what people are listening to at parties). People would always thank me for it, because it's the god damn best dance album of recent memory. I always thought Justice was a little too monotonous even if the evil thick basslines were there. Bloody Beetroots is like that sound evolved into a total spasmatic menagerie more akin to Mr. Oizo but less cerebral (aka you can get fucked up to it and lose your mind).

Seriously, tell me you don't want to be at that party (throwing up included).

Eels - Hombre Lobo
Any year with an Eels album, it's going to be in my top 5. Dude can't make an album without it being stunning. Some of the saddest lows and some rock and roll stomps that will truly save you from Wolfmother hell.

Kleenex Girl Wonder - Mrs. Equitone
Kleenex Girl Wonder for the COMEBACK! Ponyoak was always one of my favorites and he just bounces back into the world with a for real Kleenex Girl Wonder release (He'd been doing some stuff on and off, but this is the first fully realized album in years). And it's on par with anything else he's done. Plus it's available at his website for extremely cheap and you can stream it for free: http://kgw.me

That's it for now.

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